Welcome to Biosphere Here! We are a local directory for Lincoln, Lincolnshire. Here you can find phone numbers and information for businesses, attractions and organisations in the city of Lincoln!

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Lincoln is full of great places to visit and explore, on this site you can find pages about popular places to visit in Lincoln. On the pages, you’ll be able to find general information about the place, the history of the place, the opening times and the contact information. Whether you’re planning to visit Lincoln Castle or Cathedral, stay in the Holiday Inn or maybe a holiday home, you’re just looking for a library to study in or you’d rather explore the Cogglesford Mill you can find information about all of these Lincoln locations and more on this site!

Other Useful Contact Numbers

If you are based in Lincoln and you need to apply for a driving licence or renew your car tax, you will need to need the DVLA contact telephone number . This will connect you with a staff member at the DVLA who can assist you.

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