Why on Earth?

Ashton-Rise-housing-&-wild-flowersOur area has internationally and nationally important landscape, species, and cultural history.  We have a culture of local partnership working, environmental activity and innovation.  We also have strong links between people and place: local food, clean drinking water, green corridors, downland walks, and coastal recreation.

This is worth celebrating, protecting and enhancing…

International Biosphere status represents an acknowledgement of all the good work that is currently being done in the area to improve our quality of life and to protect the environment.

Potential benefits of being an international Biosphere include:


  • An improved quality of life by creating a healthier environment –
    helping nature to help ourselves
  • Strengthening the economy by making the area a more
    attractive place to visit
  • Reduced water treatment costs and improved drinking water
    by reducing pollution of the chalk aquifer
  • Stronger community awareness, identity and pride in the
    local environment
  • Better research and understanding to drive up standards
  • Greater coordination between conservation and development
  • Heightened profile of being awarded a world-class accolade,
    helping to attract additional grant funding and investment
  • Improved partnership work between organisations and areas,
    breaking down barriers to achieve more