When on Earth?

Project Timescale


  • Biosphere Management Strategy 2014-19 commences operation for 5- year period, and Action Plan of priority areas for improvement action drafted (April onwards)
  • Technical feedback received from UNESCO MAB International Advisory Committee (IAC) (April)
  • Formal decision on Biosphere status award expected from UNESCO MAB International Co-ordinating Committee (ICC) (June 11th 2014)
  • Sussex Festival of Nature at Stanmer Park as public celebration of our Biosphere (22nd June 2014)


  • Public consultation on Biosphere proposal and draft Management Strategy document, promoted through a 4-month events roadshow (January-May 2013)
  • UNESCO MAB programme officer visits partners and area to provide advice on application
  • Bid package submitted to UNESCO, including finalised Biosphere Management Strategy (September)


  • Workshops held for urban & rural local stakeholders (March-April 2012)
  • Biosphere initiative launched to public on International Biodiversity Day, with events as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival and ‘eco-graffiti’ (May 2012)
  • UK Man & Biosphere (UK MAB) committee members visit to advise the Biosphere Partnership on our bid development (May 2012)
  • Promotion at numerous events and meetings (summer 2012)


  • UK Man & Biosphere (UK MAB) committee members from UNESCO visit to advise on the proposed application (July 2011)
  • Biosphere Project Officer appointed to develop the initiative, funded and hosted by Brighton & Hove City Council (from September 2011)