Our Species

The Biosphere area is home to a third of a million people, who share this space with some fascinating wildlife such as:

round-headed-rampionPaul-Marten_Sussex-Wildlife-Trust-(1) early spider orchid/ Neil-Fletcher Sussex Wildlife Trust CRW_9206-wild-orchid-mount-cabourn-

Plants of chalk downland

Communities such as Round Headed Rampion, Early Spider Orchid, Pyramidal Orchid

peregrine-falconCDarin-Smith_Sussex-Wildlife-Trust 1n_CL_Kittiwake-SeaFHd starling-C-Neil-Fletcher_Sussex-Wildlife-Trust


In need of protection, including Peregrine Falcons, Kittiwake and Starlings

wartbiterCGraeme-Lyons_Sussex-Wildlife-Trust adonis-blueGraeme-Lyons_Sussex-Wildlife-Trust 3n-PG_Silver-spotted-skipper1


Including the rare Wart-biter Cricket, Adonis Blue and Silver-spotted Skipper Butterflies

1i-GL_cuttle1 short-snouted-seahorse Paul-Naylor_Sussex-Wildlife-Trust lightbulb-sea-squirtCPaul-Naylor_Sussex-Wildlife-Trust

Marine species

Such as Cuttlefish, Short-snouted Seahorse and Sea Squirt